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LG Chem
LG Electronics offers high efficiency solar panels, and our sister company LG Chem offers one of the best lithium ion solar home batteries on the market. Your LG Solar Specialist can provide free advice on home battery storage or battery ready solar systems.

In recent times, household energy costs have soared and consumers are looking for better value alternatives. That has led to strong interest in battery storage solutions. With several brands offering solar energy solutions, one of the most important questions is what product is best for you?

When selecting a battery storage system, here’s some of the key points you should consider:

Battery storage for solar is here to stay

The sales of batteries for grid connected solar products have already started to soar, albeit form a very small base. Based on research by LG Electronics, it is estimated that around 8,000 battery systems will be installed in Australia in 20171. With more than 1.6 million small-scale solar power systems installed2there is a significant potential for battery storage in the Australian market. Battery prices have come down in the past three years and the trend is expected to continue in the future. Whilst many buyers are early adopters and technology lovers, some are already installing battery systems because of the financial benefits.

What is perhaps most exciting is that Australia has a variety of suppliers, products and sharp prices for residential battery storage solutions in solar applications. LG Electronics is working closely with our LG Solar Specialists to provide you with a complete solar energy solution that meets your needs.

Does battery storage make sense for you?

Whether battery storage stacks up for you is dependent on a number of factors. It is clear that financial viability alone doesn’t necessarily drive the decision. The best scenario is when you:

  • have paid off your solar system and it is “battery ready”,
  • are on a high electricity rate; and
  • have relatively low demand.

In this scenario, your solar system is generating significant excess electricity and a battery will make financial sense.

There are also a lot of other vital issues to consider that make a significant difference between a technology that makes no financial sense and an intelligent technological solution that makes great financial sense.

To summarise, it’s not just the cost of the battery that counts, but the value you can extract from the battery, from storing electricity for your own use later in the evening to reducing time of day demand charges.

There is no simple “one size fits all” solution and it is relatively complex to determine the right size for a solar and battery system. To assist you please seek advice from your local LG Solar Specialist.

As a rough guide, today a quality residential LG solar system has a payback period of 4 to 5 years3 and a residential solar system with a battery solution will have a payback period of 6 to 10 years.4

How to choose your solution

Whether you are still deciding or are ready to proceed, we recommend working with an LG Solar Specialist who can provide options for your energy needs. The LG Solar Specialist will look at your specific tariff structure, demand profile, energy consumption and solar output, which varies from region to region.

This detailed analysis will define the viability of a battery solution in your particular situation and is the most complex and important part of the process. Proper modelling will ensure good outcomes.

A final consideration from Nigel Morris of Solar Analytics “Yes, it is possible to find cheap battery storage, just as it is also possible to find very cheap solar panels, but Australian households should be wary, 10 years of industry experience clearly confirms – you get what you pay for.”5

Credit to Nigel Morris from Solar Analytics for his major contribution to the above information

1 Based on joint estimates provided by solar distributors and forecasts by LG Electronics Australia.
2 Based on Clean Energy Council estimate that 1.64 million small-scale solar power systems were installed by the end of 2016.
3 Based on current retail prices for a 5KW residential LG solar system, current retail electricity prices and at least 60% of the electricity generated by the solar system being consumed during sunlight hours.
4 Based on current retail prices for a 5KW residential LG solar panels and a 6.5KWh LG Chem battery system, current retails electricity prices, and favourable demand patterns (e.g. high evening demand).
5 Nigel Morris, Solar Analytics. Solar Analytics is an independent Australian software company focussing on the design, development and supply of intelligent solar and energy monitoring solution

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Welcome to Selectronic, an Australian-owned company since 1964 delivering energy solutions to Australia and the world for more than fifty years. Selectronic is the manufacturer of the SP PRO, the only multi-mode, bi-directional inverter chargers made in Australia. They are the heart of every battery-based energy system. Our component approach allows complete flexibility with system design, delivering a tailored solution perfect for you.

We have vast experience in off-grid and grid-connect energy storage systems and our inverters are compatible with solar, wind, hydro, microgrids and diesel generators.

Selectronic inverters are made locally and delivered globally. We offer energy independence, peace of mind, reliability and flexibility that is second to none.

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