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Solar power is both complex – and deceptively simple.

Having solar panels is like having a mini power station on your roof. The panels harness the sun’s energy to generate zero emission electricity. That’s the simple part. The complexity is in how that conversion takes place. You need assurance that the company you entrust that technology to knows exactly what is required to convert light into electricity.

The team at Forster Solar and Lighting has the technical expertise to ensure your investment in solar delivers.

They have the skill and expertise to install Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels, usually located on the roof of homes and businesses to generate clean energy. The panels harness energy from the sun and convert it directly into electricity, by transferring photon energy into electrical energy. The conversion takes place within cells of specially fabricated semi-conductor crystals.

PV electricity is generated at the point of demand, where people live and work. That means there is no need to transfer the energy long distances across expensive infrastructure.

While it might be true that solar cannot generate electricity all the time, it does generate it when it’s needed most – during peak demand hours of the day, such as hot periods when we run air-conditioners, when businesses are at full capacity and when power is in high demand in households.